Oh, geez. This was beaten to hell and back on F!S, but I might as well say what I said then:  I can…sort of see where your coming from, but there are a couple of things I’d like to point out:

1. His in game lines are said during a fucking batte. Those are stressful conditions at best, and that *does* tend to mean people are quicker to snap/more prone to being serious. Because of that, it’s entirely possible that he’d act different when in a relaxed environment where people are trying to kill him. I don’t know about anyone else, but personally I thought he switched over to being fairly serious when he went out the doors and healed Demo and Scout.

Also, he does have his share of silly/funny/insane lines in the game.

2. As someone already said - his meet video was set up differently than the most others. Because of that we’re learning about how his actions show him - not how he sees himself. There’s usually a discrepancy between the two and, because of how most of the meet videos were done, you can make a case for most of them playing to the camera.

3. You do realize there isn’t a whole lot to go off of in-game anyways right? It’s FPS with no real plot actually *in* the game. What we do know about what’s going on mostly comes from the comics/updates and the Meet videos.

As far as the other characters go, I stand by most of what I already said. For Sniper [since that seems to be one of the main two that are being brought up otherwise] it is possible to love your job, and still view it as *just* a job - plus he was talking about himself, so what was said was going to be slanted by how he views himself. And yes, most people do play to the camera somehow when they’re interviewing so that’s all possible explanations for him. [And, personally, I think there’s it’s possible, even probable, that his father has a legit reason to call him a crazed gunman. Which, yes, if he doesn’t see himself that way he *will* disagree with.]

Also, you do realize that there are plenty of people who both play, and are in the fandom right? Personally I’d still play if they bothered to give support to the non-pc platforms, seeing as my computer can’t run tf2.

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    1) That Harry potter Jab makes absolutely no sense, especially because it doesn’t even explain how she apperently lost...
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    The doves have always been a Medic thing. “Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria” is one of his achievements that uses a dove over...
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    I read that in Morbo’s voice from Futurama.
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    Don’t worry anon, I think grumpy medic is cute too. (LOL AT THIS.)
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    ^ LOL
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    in other news, Gabe Newell is a Fat gross fuck, and I hope HL2:Ep3 is never made.
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    "Uptight doctor who is serious about his work." "Hello, Fräuleins!" "COME OVER HERE, I PROMISE I WILL HEAL YOU." "Did ze...
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    First off, I think this is a bad analogy because I think it’s pretty damn unlikely that Gabe Newell personally wrote the...
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    Meats summed it up perfectly, right there.
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    I concur. Even after the first time I watched the Meet The Medic video I couldn’t relate it TOO much to the rest of the...
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    Is Gaben involved at all with TF2? I always thought it was Robin. Or at least, he’s always seemed to be the public face....
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    How can you not love what they did with him in Meet the Medic? They went full on Herbert West and that was fucking...
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    lolikindofagree I liked that Medic had a playful side, but he did seem pretty out of character to me. I still enjoyed...
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    So you can’t be in the fandom if you don’t play the game constantly, like if your computer can’t handle it right now?...
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    This makes me so irrationally angry… 90%? Really? Where were you, /y/? Also, hun… Coming from a Heavy player who talks...
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    Also his in-game character includes taunts such as playing his bonesaw like a violin and HUFFING HIS MEDIGUN. So, uh, I...
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    Meet the Spy gave spy a more serious personality. Other than the ‘that would be your mother’ quote of course. In game...
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    So Medic is as crazy as EVERYONE ELSE IN THE GAME is. Truthfully the personalities given are alittle vague and can go...
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    I also think that they are mistaken thinking Gaben has full control over the characters. Or at least, to the level that...